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The procedure that follows relates to what happens to your manuscript with our Platinum package, if you are using Bronze, Silver or Gold then the details below will be different.

1. Upon receipt at our office, your work will be assigned to a member of our editorial team who will read through the manuscript to access its quality and commercial viability. The Directors as well as an independent publishing consultant will also read the work, depending on the complexity of the subject matter we will usually have reached a joint decision within 14 to 21 days from receipt, although this can vary from month to month if we have an influx of manuscripts from various sources.

2. We are assuming for this example that prior to forwarding the manuscript to us, you have decided that if accepted you wish to avail yourself of our Platinum service. Providing our decision is positive, we will forward you an 'offer' letter which will contain full and complete details of our price and other relevant information. We will keep the offer open for 28 days from the date of receipt at the price quoted.

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3. Assuming you contact us to accept the offer, we will then forward two copies of the completed contract signed by ourselves, and ask you to sign both, retain one and forward the other back to Head Office. Upon receipt we will send you the following documentation; a letter detailing the contacts within the organisation, your editor's name, address, email and direct telephone number, author's questionnaire, production schedule and details of the production process.

4. Your manuscript will be placed with the editor, depending on its complexity she may need to converse with you, however if the work is fairly straightforward she will simply proceed with her work and forward the copy-edited manuscript directly to the typesetters.

5. Upon receipt of the completed author's questionnaire we will forward details of your books story to our cover designer who will begin work on producing a proof.

6. While we await the cover design, the first proof - known as a 'Galley' - usually returns from the typesetter, the editor will send a copy to you and retain a copy for her own purposes, she will make a list of any typographical errors she may come across and combined with any that the author notifies her of she will send the corrections back to the typesetter.

7. The Cover design will normally be available around this time and a proof will be submitted for your approval, in 80% of cases the author is usually happy with the first proof and if this is the case we finalise this part of the publication process quite quickly, if however there are changes, these will be completed and re-submitted for author approval, it is extremely rare that a third proof is required.

8. The final corrected proofs will normally be avialable at this point, known as 'Page Proofs' the editor will sometimes check personally that the corrections have been carried out and dispense with a copy being sent to the author, although if the work is complex she may decide that the author should see the corrections too, in which case the second proof will be forwarded for the author's perusal.

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9. Assuming the corrections to the manuscript are now complete, and the cover having been completed some weeks earlier, it is now time for the editor to authorise the 'signing off' of the work and ask the typesetter to convert the work to P.D.F. print ready files.

10. The P.D.F. of the manuscript and cover is forwarded for printing, from which we will first produce a proof copy within approximately 3 weeks, once a suitable print slot is allocated, this proof is an actual copy of the finished book and is supplied as a final check that the print quality is what we expect of a Hallmark publication. The author is sent a copy and once we receive the go ahead we will begin the full print run and the ensuing complimentary copies will be dispatched to the author upon completion. Once your book is published our work is far from over as we now need to begin the publicity side of the operation which usually covers an additional 3 month period.

That is a brief run down of what occurs from the initial receipt of your manuscript through to publication, but as with anything in life, there may be additional requirements from the author, or indeed ourselves, at various points throughout the process. For an average manuscript, we would anticipate that from beginning to end, the entire process should take approximately 6 months, although quicker for Bronze, Silver and Gold, however more complex work could take an additional 2 months. If you have any queries please e mail, write or telephone us, we will be only too pleased to help.


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